Purchase: Sumatra Valley Bedset

“I searched around for a long time unable to find a bedroom set I really liked. Everything out there was veneer or particle board. And nothing really fit my space or was a style I liked. Then I found Anne-Quinn Furniture. Everything they make is solid mahogany, and I was able to change the design and the dimensions to suit me. I loved their customer service. They are really good people and stand behind their products. Check them out; you won’t be disappointed.”

Matt Dusk Toronto, International jazz-pop music sensation

Purchase: Dining, kitchen table & sideboard

“The dining set I ordered from Anne Quinn has become the focal point of my house, and the envy of my guests. I designed my dining room around it, and it gets my heart racing every time I see it! I just can’t wait to order my kitchen dinette set from Anne Quinn!”

Michelle Shen Vaughan, Oracle sales & Designer blogger

Purchase: Grand Camden Bedset

We wanted high quality real wood furniture with a timeless look for our modern home.  From beginning to end our experience with Anne-Quinn furniture was exceptional.   They worked with us to find the perfect pieces for our home, and personally came to ensure the pieces were properly assembled.  Their prices are very reasonable and the furniture is superior to anything else we’ve seen.  Thank you Anne-Quinn!


Yaseen & Tasleem Real Estate Broker

Purchase: Cherian Dining Set

“I heard about Anne Quinn Furniture from a friend.   A recommendation always increases the trust level.

What I found out during my research kept me away from the usual places. I didn’t buy from the chain stores because their price/quality doesn’t make sense.   The retailers have huge markups because of their overhead and you never really find exactly what you want or know quite what the quality is like. Also customization is not an option at all.

Typical sizes wouldn’t fit or would take over the space. We needed to customize.

Our visit to your home showroom was fun.   We got the see the furniture in a home setting, and we got all our questions answered about the process.

Houzz, Pinterest, Google let you crowd source options and ideas. You can take those ideas and replicate them to fit your space perfectly.  It’s an amazing experience.

Now that they are here, they look incredible. I’m thrilled with it all: the style, and the quality construction.  Everything I dreamed of has become reality.

I absolutely recommend Anne Quinn Furniture. “

Sanjay & Karen Cherian Unionville, Controller at Nike Canada

Purchase: Hudson Ridge Bedroom Set

“I was looking for bedroom furniture and I decided to visit all those big named stores–Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, Decorium, and so on.

I picked out a Hudson bed design from Pottery Barn, but saw that price was just too high. I searched the Kijiji website, hoping that someone was selling a bedroom set, and that’s how I found you guys.   It was a great day!

Christine was fabulous. She was simply a delight to deal with, very open and honest.  I always felt in the loop, I knew what was going on. She sent me pictures, which brought the experience to life.

I love my new bedroom set. It is stunning!  The real wood design sets it apart, and knowing I didn’t clean out my bank account makes it worthwhile.

You are my go-to people when it comes to furniture, and yes, I tell everyone about you! You guys are great!”

Susy Fossati Woodbridge

Purchase: Dining Table, Sideboard, Desk

“If you love the furniture at Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn you should definitely visit Anne–Quinn furniture first. The new solid Mahogany double pedestal dining set I purchased from them looks amazing. The product, service and prices are incredible. I am very satisfied and have referred them to all my friends & family.”

Allan Lee Toronto, ER Doctor

Purchase: Milano Rattan Sectional

“I did a lot of shopping before I found you.  I went to Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, Hauser, DOT and Home Depot.  Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware and Hauser were very expensive.  I want nice outdoor furniture, but I wasn’t ready to pay that kind of money.  I didn’t really find anything I liked at DOT and the quality was just ok.  And Home Depot, what can I say.  You get what you pay for.  The quality just wasn’t there.

I found you guys and made the drive to Markham (from Toronto).  When I saw your rattan furniture it was exactly what I was looking for.  The cushions you offered were the thickest out of anyone – even Restoration Hardware.  The cushions had some meat to them, and yours was the most comfortable out of all the sets I tried.  Also the thickness of the lounge arms was a big selling point.  The arms are so substantial you can place a book or drink:) on them.  The rattan weave is thick, and colour is a nice espresso colour.  The only thing you didn’t offer was trendy colours for the cushions.  Yours come in a grey tweed, or brown.  There is more variety from your competitors, but the way I look at it I preferred a more neutral colour that won’t look gaudy a couple of years from now, and we can dress them up with accent pillows (in the trendy colours, of course).    The quality and style was comparable to the high end stores such as Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware but your price was half.  Now that the pieces are on our new deck I love them.  I can’t wait to entertain on our outdoor living space. If you’re looking for quality outdoor rattan furniture I highly recommend you check out Anne Quinn furniture.  It’s worth the drive to Markham.”


David & Colleen Toronto

Purchase: Hudson Ridge King Bed Set with Tower Dresser

“Our search for solid wood bedroom furniture began the usual way: visiting all the name brand stores, including the high end stores.  What we found was usually not so great: veneered particle board—yes, even in the high end stores!  It was disappointing, to say the least…

Then we found you. Although price wasn’t a sticking point for us at all, we realized your prices are amazing for the quality you offer. What we were after was a solid wood product, something “showcase-worthy.” Another important factor was that I needed customization to accommodate my automated mattress. You created exactly what I needed to make it all work.

We noticed, too, that your variety of styles is wonderful for people who aren’t quite sure yet what’s available and what will strike their fancy.

And then there’s Christine. What can I say about Christine that hasn’t probably been echoed countless times before? She’s amazing. She’s professional, personable and she was always at the other end of the line whenever we had questions.

What you offer is simply AMAZING!  I absolutely love our new furniture.  We recommend you to everyone we know.”

Paula & Steve Pippert

Purchase: Hudson bedsets and Cambridge Dining Set

“We looked at higher-end stores in Vaughn. The furniture there was VERY expensive or wasn’t what we were after.

We went online and found you guys. We really liked what we saw online, so we set an appointment to come see you.

When we arrived, there were lots of furniture and styles to choose from (all of them solid wood and  beautiful, I might add). We considered both solid mahogany, made in Indonesia, and solid Maple, made in Canada furniture but, in the end, we decided on your Mennonite furniture because we wanted to have made in Canada.  The price you offered was considerably less than others so it was an easy decision.

I’m thrilled with the furniture now that it’s here.   My earlier worry how the “grey espresso” stain would look is completely gone. The stain has a touch of silver to it, making it look modern while still offering a classic style that won’t go out in a few years.

I have recommended Anne Quinn Furniture to every friend and family member I have.”

Jeff So & Susanne Chan Concord, Doctor

Purchase: Hudson 3 Panel Bedset

“Like some of your other reviewers, we found you on online while looking for bedroom furniture after doing  a lot of research for furniture and checking out prices. There’s no doubt you guys are the best quality for the price.

We wanted something more customized in terms of color, size and style. The price versus value equation just didn’t add up. You can’t pick the color, style or stain in most furniture stores; it’s what-you-see-is-what-you-get. When we did find something we liked, it was way beyond our price range.

That’s why we finally decided to make an appointment with you. Your furniture, online and in person, looks great because it is great. It’s solid, beautiful, and customizable. Being able to pull open the drawers and look around inside is what finally sold us on the piece we decided on. Quality matters—and your furniture is quality through and through.

While we waited to have the furniture created and delivered, Christine made sure we were kept up to date on its progress. Before we even had time to wonder, she would send us an updated picture of our furniture. Every six weeks or so, there she was, giving us proof that Delivery Day was getting closer.

Now that the furniture is here, we love it! It adds to the aura of the room. It sets the tone and gives the room a warm, inviting feeling. The bedroom is our sanctuary.

We’re always talking you up so get ready for more calls!”

Brian & Julianne Natale Oakville, CIBC

Purchase: 3 Panel King Hudson Bedset

“I found you on online while looking for bedroom furniture after visiting the Brick and other local stores and coming away disappointed.  I could tell that even the stuff they advertised as solid wood wasn’t, so I wasn’t impressed.

What got me wanting to look closer (in person) at Anne Quinn furniture were the beautiful photos that are on your website. I could tell immediately that your products are very different from the ones I’ve seen around town. So I made the trip to see your home showroom and the pieces you’d showcased online. Right away, I could tell they were solid, but what surprised me is that they were even more beautiful than they’d looked online.  Photography can’t capture them completely.

I especially like the clean, rich-looking design of the Hudson Ridge three panel.

Working with Christine was a breeze. She made everything easy and gave us plenty of time to make a good decision with pressuring us in the least. Everything was smooth. There was zero stress involved in the visit or in the transaction.

My only regret is that we can’t sleep on it tonight. Waiting for its arrival is exciting, though. While we wait we have time to rearrange the room to make everything just right for when it does get here.

And yes, we’ve already referred several people to you. My wife’s sister is interested in a bed set now that she has seen ours.

I was telling Christine that I almost wished we needed a dining room set, too—and more. We’ll be back when we do!”

Shihping & Alan Chan Markham, Mount Sinai Hospital

Purchase: Dining, Kitchen & Bedset

“We were referred to Anne Quinn furniture from friends. We first bought a desk from them 3 years ago. When we moved to Stouvfille, we needed many pieces to furnish our new home. We knew from our past experience not only did they offer a great product for a fantastic price, but they stood behind their products. That is really important to us. We loved that it is solid wood, and the prices are incredible. When I met with Christine, she really helped me find a style I loved, and we changed the layout of the pieces to make it work for our family and our home. I never felt like I was being sold, but rather it was like a friend giving advice. I admit the wait was hard, but when it arrived I was like a kid on Christmas morning. I’ve been raving to all my friends and family about them. They all ask me what the catch is and I simply tell them, good things take time, and custom quality furniture isn’t made in a day. I recommend them 100%”

Robyn & Carlo Stouvfille

Purchase: Hudson Ridge Bedset

In a word – WOW. The bed and side tables are absolutely gorgeous, and the quality is truly unbelievable (oh, and the stain colour is perfect too). Beth and I are thoroughly impressed, not just with the incredible (seriously, we can’t get over it) final product, but also the experience from start to finish. We will be sure to tell people about Anne-Quinn, and we’ll be in touch before long about some more pieces for ourselves too!

Natt & Beth Barns Toronto, Marketing Professional

Purchase: Grand Camden Bedset & Sumatra Bedset

“I originally had searched tirelessly for a new bedroom set in the major box stores like The Brick and Leons, only to remain frustrated at the lack of variety and poor quality work. What’s worse—for what it was, I couldn’t believe I’d have to spend that much on something that was particle board.

I was almost about to purchase pieces I didn’t love—when I discovered your website. At first I didn’t believe it (Who offers prices that low for solid wood?) until I went into the showroom & understood how your approach could save me so much money. There were no pressure sales, and everyone was very patient while I was trying to decide what I wanted—and stuck with me until I had made a final decision.

At the end, it was completely worth the wait—we got a solid wood, customized piece that was built exactly how I wanted it! The furniture is elegant and beautiful—almost breath-taking! Thank you Anne-Quinn Furniture—we’ve recommended you to all our friends!”

原来我一直疲于在一些主要的家具专卖店(如 The Brick and Leons)搜索卧室新家具,但是每次我都感到失望,因为他们的产品质量差,样式 少。更糟糕的是,我不敢相信我居然花了那么多精力在这些刨花板家具上。正当我要买这些家具时,我发现了你们的网站。起初我不相信,实木家具怎么可能这么低的价格?直到我走进你们的样板间,看到了你们如何可以帮我省这么多钱。
我的等待是值得的,我终于在这儿买到了我真正想要的实木定制家具。这套家具典雅美丽,令人惊叹!谢谢你Anne-Quinn家具——我已经 把你推荐给了我的朋友们!


Xu Jing Zhang & Dong Quan Chen Toronto

Purchase: Grand Camden King Bed Set with 9 Drawer Dresser

“Truth be told, we’ve been following you for a while.  Because we have a new, custom-built home, we were looking for furniture that did it justice. We liked that you can replicate pretty much any style and customize furniture to the exact size anyone needs to fill a space just so. Your furniture costs are excellent when you understand the immense value you get for the price you pay.

We purchased theGrand Camden 3-panel bed, matching night stands and a dresser and absolutely love our new bedroom furniture.  Everyone who sees the set marvels at the style, and wants to run their fingers across the rich, warm wood grains. It fits our new home just perfectly and (wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles) was delivered with near-perfect-timing! Our new home wasn’t without its furniture for very long at all! (Always planning ahead, we are!)

I’m already thinking about ordering new pieces from you, so stay tuned! We’ll be stopping by again very soon and I have friends and family who will stop by too!”

Ryan & Melanie DaSilva

Purchase: Dining & bedset

“We were referred to Anne Quinn furniture from friends who had bought from them and were very happy. We purchased a dining and bedroom set from them. We were impressed when I came to their home showroom, not just with the furniture, but with the quality time Christine spent with us. Because of her custom approach, she didn’t have to sell what was on the floor. She worked with us to find a style that we loved but also practical for our family’s needs. The pieces we chose were timeless modern pieces that also had many contemporary features. For solid wood I saved a small fortune by purchasing through them! I’ve already recommended them to all of my friends, family and some co-workers too! I love it!”

Maria & Javier Arista Vaughn, Teacher

Purchase: Cambridge Dining Room Set and Dresser

“We were looking for a dresser and dining room furniture so we decided to do some shopping at Zilli Home Interiors and some other places. We found a table that we really liked, but it was outrageously priced.

We really wanted something that was solid wood, which you guys specialize in. But when we heard that you customize furniture, we assumed the price would be just as expensive. We were overjoyed when we found a table that was very similar to the one we liked at a previous furniture store, for about half the price.

The customization process was fabulous. We added a media hutch on top of our bedroom dresser, and custom-sized the dining buffet to fit in our space. Now we have exclusive pieces of future, specifically designed to fit our space and taste.

It was very good dealing with Christine, who kept us updated not only where things were at, but  the pictures as well. The whole process was not only great but fun too!”

Marisa and Jeff Baum Maple

Purchase: Hudson Armoire and dresser

“While looking for dressers for our bedroom, we visited Ethan Allen, Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel and other well-known stores.  The high prices just didn’t match the mediocre quality we found at these and other places so we kept looking.

We found your site then we searched for “hardware furniture” online and I’m glad we did even though the thought of visiting a home showroom was a little intimidating at first. But once we made the decision to call and actually showed up, we loved the experience. There was no sales pressure and Christine was wonderful. She gave us color samples to take home and check against our lighting, which was not only thoughtful but very, very helpful.

Christine worked with us patiently while we tried various designs. When we finally settled on a design, she helped us customize it to make it classic, classy and uniquely ours.

The entire process was a great experience from the first knock on the door until our furniture was delivered several months later. The wait didn’t bother us because we already had furniture in the room.

Even so, it was exciting to receive photos during the wait showing our new furniture in progress. This thoughtful gesture on Christine’s part kept us involved in the process so we knew you hadn’t forgotten about us. You don’t just take the money and run. You walk with us all along the way to make sure we’re kept in the loop and reassured. (How many other furniture businesses do this? None that I know of.)

The furniture is in now and it looks great. Its solid quality and design are timeless and its appearance is exquisite.

Julie Lebel and Andrew Kwan Toronto, Executive Director at Canadian Music Competition

Purchase: Portman Sleigh sleigh bed collection

“Our Portman Sleigh bed has arrived and we are on Cloud Nine! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

After five years (five years!) of searching, we finally found you—and we will never look back. Here’s a thumbnail of our story:

We fell in love with a Portman bedroom set at Restoration Hardware but the price was astronomical so we kept searching, year after year. We finally searched craigslist for Portman bedroom sets and you came up. So we visited your warehouse to see a sample bed you had there. We were dumbfounded to see how good it looked and to recognize its obvious solid-wood quality and craftsmanship. The price at Restoration Hardware was three times higher than your price and theirs wasn’t even solid wood—it was veneer!

The wait to have our bedroom set seemed long because we were so anxious to finally have our own sleigh bed, but the photos you sent and the updates you sent us all along the way kept us informed so we managed.  When the bedroom set arrived, all I can say is our expectations were exceeded. We love our bedroom set insanely. We are very, very happy!”

Fiona & Craig Legere Toronto

Purchase: DiLuciano Paneled Bed and nightstands

“We bought the DiLuciano panel bed while on a quest for solid wood furniture. Not a lot of furniture options in London.  Of course we visited the usual chain stores—same old and low-quality!—and a couple of boutique stores—EXPENSIVE!—before meeting with your sales reps Dave and Diane in Kitchener Waterloo.

One trick we learned early on in our furniture-buying quest was that if you can lift a corner and it doesn’t require much effort, it’s junk. By contrast, your furniture is sufficiently heavy, which indicates quality solid wood and no cutting corners.

The bed looks stunning! I love the style I picked—classic—because it will never go out of style.  We love everything about it: the solid wood, the look, and the quality.  We love our bedroom now!

We’re so glad we made the effort to come see you.  Our bed turned out fantastic.”

Diane & Elvis Burcul London, Ontario

Purchase: Solid Wood Dining Table & Elise Sideboard

“I can’t tell you how much Julio and I love our dining table and ‘Elise’ sideboard.

We looked all over the city and couldn’t find anything that had the combination of quality and design we wanted at a price-point that we could afford – then we found Anne Quinn. It was a long wait but totally worth it. We got to see photographs of our furniture being made at several different stages of the manufacturing process and then it finally arrived and it’s truly beautiful. These are pieces that we will have forever.”


Elise Burton and Julio Farese Toronto

Purchase: Cambridge DIning Table and Bench, Office Desk

“Searching for dining room furniture, we looked up Parliament and Rowe and visited Lloyds. Nothing jumped out at us in those places, so we so happy when we found you by searching for ‘real wood furniture’.

Your prices were among the main reasons for picking you originally. But when we visited we were also so impressed with the quality and the ability to customize.

Our visit to Anne Quinn went well. We did a lot of shopping and researching before then, so we knew what we wanted.  Ours was a quick visit.   We picked form one your classic pedestal dining table styles, the Cambridge, that appears on your website. We also wanted a custom bench for the dining room table for the kids.  We worked with Christine to come up with the design of it.   We also ordered a customized desk to fit into a nook on the other side of the room.

Now that everything is here, all the pieces look great. We love showing the family and our guests our new solid wood furniture!”

Frank Atyeo & Renee Russell ScotiaBank

Purchase: Sophia Sleigh Bed

“We bought a Sophia Sleigh Bed after finding you through Kijiji

Pottery Barn was out of reach, given our budget, so I was ecstatic to find you and see your prices for solid wood furniture. In fact, truth to tell, your prices seemed a little too good to be true, so I was nervous about committing to a deal. But after I met with Christine and saw there was absolutely no pressure to buy, I really began to get into the idea. Her insights and ideas helped me decide what to get. And I actually enjoyed seeing the furniture in a home setting rather than a store because I was able to visualize better. I also quickly recognized the quality of the pieces you showed me. They looked good and they were solidly built.

Now that the bed is here, it looks great in place.  ‘Gorgeous’, ‘solid’, ‘high end’ come to mind.  We love our bedroom and will recommend you to anyone who needs quality solid wood furniture. ”

Grace & Frank Nesci Richmondhill

Purchase: Cambridge Dining Room Table

“We bought a Portman Extension Table from you. A designer whose blog I follow mentioned you as being her choice when it comes to sourcing custom solid wood furniture. I loved seeing the furniture in her house—contemporary and elegant.

Before we heard about you, we visited a lot of stores in the GTA (Arrow, Basset, Thomasville, Urban Outfitters, EQ3 and others) but never could find the right size table for our space. Because my family values quality furnishings, we factor in longevity when making our purchases.  When you factor in the decades’-long utility of solid wood furniture, your prices are utterly fantastic.

The dining room is where we hold our biggest events. It’s the showpiece of our home. It’s also the first place you see when you walk into our house so it’s nice to have something divinely classy there. I just love the solid wood and the beautiful Mahogany grains. Our dining room looks perfect as a result, and everyone notices the moment they walk through the front door.

 I’ve already recommended you many times.  In fact, expects some calls from additional friends, family and business associates of mine very soon!”

Andria & Adam Sallese

Purchase: Cambridge Dining Room Set

“During our search for dining room furniture we visited various showrooms but didn’t find anything that looked good, so we know we’d have to have something customized for us because we just couldn’t find beautiful, solid wood, impressive dining suites.

We went downtown to a lot of boutique-type places, but they tended to have smaller furniture that was designed for apartments and condos. So then we visited bigger chains and to places like DeBoer’s.  We didn’t find anything at these places that we even vaguely liked. The few things that we felt we could live with were outlandishly expensive. Anything that was reasonably-priced, we didn’t like, and the quality was poor.

Our lack of success led us into running a Google search for ‘dining room furniture Toronto’ where we found you. When we visited your home showroom, we got the right perspective in terms of seeing what the furniture was going to look like in a home environment, so our visit was very helpful.

At Anne Quinn Furniture we got one-on-one attention unlike the bigger stores where you often get a sales guy whose only interest is his commission. You took the time to give us tips about the pedestals and chairs because we came to you thinking of a different style than the one we finally settled on, and Christine let us know “If you have space restrictions you’ll want the chairs to slide in; watch out because you could only slide them so far” which got us to thinking, so we changed our order as a result of her insights.

I liked that Christine gave us the wood samples because we’d just had our kitchen done so we brought them home, set them down around the furniture and appliances that were in place here and said “Okay, this one is going to fit; this one isn’t”. She gave us some of the fabric samples too.

Pressurized sales are not for me. I don’t like people in my face. Christine isn’t a salesperson in this traditional sense.

We knew right up front about the wait time, so we adapted. We said, “Okay, well, that’s fine”. It was fun to see the updates. Getting the pictures and getting the updates helped.  You get to see the progress.

We love our new dining room furniture.  It’s stunning! We have recommended you already. Ours was a 100% positive experience so we rate you the highest.   Whatever you promised, you delivered, so to me you’re a 10.”

Peter & Fiona Mattiuzzo Toronto, Johnston & Johnston

Purchase: Hudson Storage Bed

“The search for a storage bed is what led me on a search for the perfect piece.

I needed a storage bed because we don’t have much room in the bedroom.  But no matter where I looked, I couldn’t find one with drawers on the side, which is what my heart was set on. Most storage beds have drawers on the end of the bed.

Then I found you. You had just what I wanted so I came in to look things over. Christine was very accommodating, responsive and friendly, but in no way pushy. She always got back to me promptly when I had a question.

My entire experience at Anne Quinn Furniture was great. I got to see the drawings, because I wanted the bed to have feet and the original design didn’t include feet.

The modifications worked well. I love everything about my storage bed—its color, its style and its solid wood elegance and sturdiness.

Everything worked out fine, including the date it arrived. Everything was exactly as promised by Christine all along the way.”

Rosanne Dominelli Etobicoke

Purchase: Cambridge Dining Room Furniture

“In looking for our dining room table, we went to many furniture stores including Barrymore, Ethan Allen and Art Shop.  We were shocked by the prices of the furniture that we saw. At one point we went to a solid wood furniture store and found a table that we liked but that was selling for $15,000. INSANE! Not only were these places expensive but they did not have what we really wanted.  There were no options for customization.

We searched “solid wood furniture” on Google and came across Anne Quinn. With you, everything was very different – from the ability to customize the furniture to the price and the quality. It was a friendly and flexible buying experience.  We got a great deal for our purchase and we received pictures that kept us up-to-date.

We were able to work with Christine to create the perfect sized pedestal table that allowed us to fit a number of chairs around and tuck them in, even at the ends. With Anne Quinn we were able to purchase exactly what we wanted and needed.  We are glad we got something modern but classic. We love the fact that our table is timeless.

We are very pleased with our pedestal table and we can’t wait to have friends over for dinner. The table is gorgeous and must be shown off.

We have already ordered more pieces and we are really looking forward to our hall tree in the next container.”

Carissa and Patrick Tanzola Toronto, Lawyer

Purchase: Upholstered Bedroom Set

We bought an upholstered bed set from you after buying a set from Costco that lasted all of one year before it began to chip and look terrible. (Live and learn!) I don’t mind paying more to get good-quality solid wood furniture. No more particleboard and other cost-cutting junk for us. It’s like burning money!

“We found you during and internet search for ‘solid wood custom bedroom furniture’. We wanted all wood, period. Brick and Leon’s options weren’t of sufficient quality; Bassett Furniture featured better quality if we wanted to pay the price of a small call for a bedroom set!  No, thanks…

Your YouTube videos got our interest. I wanted a bed set that will look as good twenty years from now as it does today—something traditional but not antique-looking.

I liked the natural colour because the grains show prominently, revealing quality and soundness.

I also liked the process itself. We received personalized service. You get involved in the design.  It’s a fun thing to go through.

And now that the furniture is in place, I really, really like it.  It looks perfect where it sits!   We absolutely love our solid wood bedroom furniture.”

Justin & Michelle Raju Ajax, Real Estate Agent

Purchase: Sumatra Valley Bedset

“I was about to pull the trigger on a furniture from the Pottery Barn, when I came across Anne-Quinn Furniture. I was initially intrigued by the potential cost savings. When I saw the quality of the furniture they created, I was amazed that I could get solid wood furniture customized to my exact requirements, that cost significantly less than what I was about to pay. It took about 2 months to get my order and my expectations were exceeded. Brian and Christine are honest people who deliver on their promises. I will never by furniture anywhere else.”

Sanjay Ahooja Small business owner, Unionville

Purchase: Grand Camden bedset

“Anne Quinn delivers styles I love, solid wood quality at amazing prices. My only regret is that I did not find them earlier!”

Bobby & Anthony Phillips Toronto, World Travelers & Home Renovators

Purchase: Cambridge Dining Room Set

“I found you by searching online for “restoration hardware dining table the Portman”. But Restoration Hardware wasn’t making the Portman anymore, which upset me because it’s a beautiful and functional table. I consider the Portman a timeless classic.

So I said “Okay, then, I’ll find it—or something like—elsewhere”.  I searched again and you came up.   I was so excited!

The quality, design and price you offer are obvious reasons to buy from you. But there’s also a sense that you’re getting something at a fair, reasonable price, that you’re getting value and quality instead of paying for overhead and advertising.

And when you visit your home showroom after finding you online, buyers get the best of both worlds: the amazing ease and price of shopping online (no brick-and-mortar stores to inflate the costs of doing business with the public) and the ability to see and touch the products you’re buying.

And Christine is lovely to deal with. All along she sends emails and photos of the piece in progress. She answers your questions, tracks down information about colors, sizes and anything else you think you’ll need when your furniture arrives on your doorstep. She double-checks everything to make sure what you ordered is what you’ll get.

My client loves her solid wood dining set, it’s beautiful.  And I’ve sent your name to other clients of mine and told other designers.   It’s great to learn that you’ve resourced local suppliers, too, who offer solid wood furniture in Maple so the turnaround time will be faster, which is a great alternative for customers who can’t wait as long for their furniture to be delivered.

I’ve already referred you because your pricing and quality is so exceptional. The wait is long, but I always say “Wait long, get a good price. Get it fast, pay a high price.”

Lucy Madeiros Toronto

Purchase: Hudson Ridge Bedroom Set

“We were on the search for bedroom furniture and we went to all the major stores in Toronto such as, the Art Shop, Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, Ethan Allen and many more.

We couldn’t really find a style that we liked and the stores we checked out were very expensive. When I went to one store the floor model was already broken, and that didn’t give us much confidence!

We managed to find you on Google while typing in, “furniture stores Toronto.” We admired the idea of custom-all wood materials, and the great part was that the prices were quite fair. When you have the ability to customize the size and configuration, the wait is a minor inconvenience.

We worked with Christine (who was very professional) and requested to add a fold down drawer to our dresser, to hide away our media components.  It’s a great custom-made addition!

We also added a custom-sized hall table that fit our space perfectly.  That’s something we couldn’t find at any other furniture store in Toronto.

We really enjoyed coming to the home showroom.  It was great to see the furniture being used in a real life setting and it was great to see that you used everything you sell. Seeing the pieces in your home allowed us to visualize how the pieces fit into a real home.

Our bedroom looks remarkable because of our furniture.  We love the elegance of it and it looks beautiful.

We already have and will continue to recommend you!”

Ann and Edward Reszetnik Toronto, Portfolio Manager at Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan

Purchase: Sleigh Elegance Bedroom Furniture

“We browsed many stores for bedroom furniture: Leon’s, the Brick, Heritage, Bennett’s Home Furnishings, etc. We were unable to find something we liked.

For four months we looked intensely, and everything we saw was just a disappointment. What we saw just didn’t have the quality, size and style we really wanted. Also, the prices were just too expensive for the quality.

When we found you guys online, we were thrilled!

Where we live is far away, so we actually didn’t come to see the showroom.  Instead, we did all the correspondence through email. The communication was excellent! You answered all our questions with great detail.

The furniture we bought transformed our room to something magical. It’s breath taking! We love everything about it, from the style to the smooth quality.  We also really like the carving on the side of the bed rail.

The finish is exquisite and we’re still amazed that that it was all done by hand. We whole-heartedly recommend you!”

Kevin and Elizabeth Bissell Millbrook

Purchase: Dining Room Furniture & Office Desk

“I was looking for dining furniture and a desk, and I already had a vision of what I wanted.

I needed a dining table that would fit in a space in my condo. I wanted a classic, modern design, but I didn’t want something ultra modern that would go out of style in a few years. I also wanted a good-looking, functional desk where I could store all my stuff.

I was online and saw a lot of designs from other companies, but they were cheaply made with particleboard and MDF.

I did a search online for custom furniture and Anne Quinn appeared. I took a look at the designs that you guys had, and liked many of them. I got to meet with Christine, and was very eager to place the order for the items I really liked.

What was very important to me was the material of the furniture – solid wood. I also needed something that had the ability to fit in my condo.

Overall, the pieces turned out incredible!  They actually turned out better than I expected. The waiting period was a bit long, but still worth it in the end.”

Sylvia Wong Toronto, Information Management Strategy Consultant

Purchase: Cambridge Dining Room Set

“We were looking for a dining room furniture and went to many of the typical furniture stores: the Bay, Bombay, Restoration Hardware, the Art Shop, Direct Interiors, etc. They were just too expensive and they didn’t have the styles we wanted.

Honestly, a lot of it (especially from the big box stores) looked like junk to us.

We did a search for “real wood furniture” on Google and found your ads on Kijiji. We loved the fact that your company offered custom-made furniture.

We decided to customize the size of the sideboard and table to fit our space.

We must add that Christine was a pleasure to deal with!

We wanted solid wood (which we got), we found a style we actually liked and the process was actually quite simple.

The grains of the table are exquisite. We love our table and buffet and we couldn’t have asked for such outstanding pieces of furniture.

We knew that the wait would be well worth it, so that’s why we didn’t even think twice about it.”

Robert and Karina Hull Nobleton

Purchase: Cambridge Dining Room Table

“We were referred to you, which gave us a lot of confidence. We understood that you customize furniture and that you’re real wood, and that was big reason why we decided to check you out.

We were very pleased to see how well priced your furniture was for the quality.

We felt very confident buying through you guys because the communication process was reassuring. With the table we purchased, we ended up mixing two styles–the Cambridge pedestal with the Grand Portman trim. We were able to see the process with the sent pictures (the pictures were great).

Although it was a long wait, the pictures made it feel shorter as we were able to see the progress.

The table is stunning! The two styles make it unique, one of a kind! It looks so good in our home and we love it. We have already referred you!”

Catherine and Ryan Oakville

Purchase: Bedroom & Dining Room Furniture

“We were looking for dining and bedroom furniture and we continued looking at different stores. Let me tell you, it was mainly junk out there! The quality was not sufficient. Well, not by our standards at least.

We came across your website online and then we made that step to check out your showroom. The designs we saw were very nice and the quality was great.

We liked Christine because she wasn’t one of those pushy sales people.  She really took the time assessing our needs.

We prefer supporting small businesses because we have a small business too. We can definitely relate, understand and appreciate the hard work that goes into running a business.

We bought the table and bed set, and it’s absolutely great. It looks so good. We’re elated!  The beautiful grains, the amazing design– how can we not recommend you?”

Danny and Mariam Kaufman Toronto, Founder and Managing Director, Integral Intellectual Property Inc.

Purchase: Hudson Ridge Bedroom Set

“My wife and I were looking for a solid wood bedroom set.  I typed in Google, “quality wood furniture” and Anne Quinn popped up. Prior to finding your website, we spent months researching furniture from big box stores and specialty furniture stores. We weren’t able to find anything we liked because either the quality was poor or the price was unreasonably high.

When I visited your location, I was impressed to find solid mahogany wood furniture–not particleboard, MDF or low grade wood. It was an added benefit that we would be dealing with a local, custom furniture company that addressed all of our needs.   Shop at Anne Quinn and expect to deal with a couple that knows what customer service is all about.  You know that you’ll be taken care of in the end.

We love our bedroom furniture, we love the character of real wood and we love that it’s not factory produced.  There are some very slight “imperfections” which make the furniture unique and beautiful.  It has a simple, elegant style.  Each piece is distinctive with its own character and its quality so much better than the mass produced, cookie cutter furniture carried by so many retailers.

Check out Anne Quinn!!!”

Glen Graham Aurora, Senior Director, Business Development & WETC at Glentel Inc

Purchase: Solid Wood Double Bed

“We were very pleased with our previous purchase of our gorgeous media stand, and since we were in need of a bed for our daughter, we knew right away you guys were our only furniture store option.

Many would consider buying cheap furniture for their young children, but we didn’t want to buy her furniture that would be tossed away in the next 3 to 5 years. We wanted something that would last a lifetime, something of good quality. Solid wood and good quality is what’s most important to us. I always consider long term costs when making purchases, and when you look at it that way, we end up spending less money on furniture.

We searched for designs online and asked to have that specific design built. What’s great about it is that, this is a piece of furniture that our daughter can take with her when she is ready to go off on her own – she can even pass it down to her own children (if she plans to have any in the future).

Although the process can take a little longer than a franchised furniture store, but its worth it if you appreciate customization, great prices and high quality furniture!

The bed is absolutely beautiful! I love everything about it, from the style to the beautiful grains – It’s simply an amazing piece of furniture! Good quality is written all over it.”

Ann and Tony Nakashima Markham

Purchase: Chippendale Dining Table

“Like so many other people looking for solid wood furniture, I first traveled extensively to local and regional furniture stores, but couldn’t find anything I really wanted to exchange my hard-earned cash for. Then I looked online for “solid wood dining table” and found you.

Our visit to your showroom sealed the deal. We brought with us a Chippendale-style chair we’d bought in Indonesia and were amazed to find that it was an almost-exact match to a sample you had.

When my table arrived I ran my fingers over the incredible mahogany grains and intricate carvings. It’s not just furniture, but art! It’s so amazing to know that craftsmen still create these pieces by hand the way people had for centuries before.  As a result, our solid wood furniture will last as long as Old World furniture has, and it will always look equally elegant.

We’re very, very happy!”

Renato and Annie Rusit Scarborough

Purchase: Grand Camden Bedroom Furniture

“We bought our first furniture at IKEA.  When we moved, it all fell apart! We sure didn’t want to make the same mistake twice.

So when we went looking for new bedroom furniture we scoured the area visiting Ashley, Stoney Creek and Amish stores.  Wherever we looked, the prices were exorbitant and there wasn’t a lot of choice. Not interested in “cookie cutter”, mostly plywood furniture that cost a fortune, we were getting discouraged.  At one store, I opened a drawer and it broke! Right then and there, my kids said, “Mom, no more opening drawers!”  I ask you, what good are drawers if you risk breaking them every time you open them?

It was my sister who found your website. I’ll be forever grateful she did. When I visited your showroom, I loved everything about everything you offered: quality, styles, and prices! Best of all, there were so many choices—unique, non-cookie-cutter, customizable choices!

When the bed set arrived I was blown away by the style, quality and workmanship.  The solid wood bed set has transformed our bedroom!

I absolutely recommend you without reservation. You sent pictures and updates reliably and have been an absolute pleasure to deal with.”

Evangeline & Nomer Ramos Brampton

Purchase: Grand Portman Pedestal Dining Table

“We had a dining room table in our sights, so we visited Elte and Restoration Hardware. Nothing there really captured my attention or if it did, the price was way too high. So we googled ‘Restoration Hardware Portman table’ and found you.  We fell hard for your Grand Portman table.  It’s modern and elegantly designed.  Your price was also a huge selling factor.

I talked to Christine over the phone. She was pleasant, helpful and knowledgeable.

The table is 100% what I envisioned.  It’s gorgeous!

All in all, this was a great buying experience. We will absolutely recommend you! And we’ll be ordering other solid wood furniture from you, too!”

Tracey & Kabeer Baig Mississauga

Purchase: Office Desk

“I originally visited custom furniture stores looking for a solid wood office desk, only to find out that the owners and operators were inflexible and making even minor changes cost a lot. That’s when I decided to look online.  I googled ‘solid wood furniture’, found you, and booked an appointment.

Christine helped me choose and work on the perfect design. Communication all the way along was stellar and I was able to see pictures of what was happening along the way.

I wanted a slight modification after seeing the photos but that wasn’t a problem at all.

When I received my desk I knew 120% I made the right decision. Nothing compares to solid wood, and the customization of it made it a perfect fit into my home office space.

I definitely recommend you. As you already know, we’re buying again from you—this time a bed set.

I wish you shipped more often but I’m sure it will happen as more people discover your amazing products and prices!”

Carmen Villarin Toronto

Purchase: Cambridge Pedestal Dining Table

“We found you via a web search for Mahogany dining room tables. Visiting your showroom was a visual and sensual delight: I was able to see and touch the wood and immediately recognized its quality. What floored me were the prices. I expected we’d be paying a lot more because customization is available and because the quality is so good.

I LOVE my new table.  It perfectly complements and will be the centerpiece of our new kitchen area.   The anticipated wait to welcome our new furniture home was made less difficult because there was frequent communication and we were sent photos as it was coming together.

Dealing with you was a very personal experience. For sure, we will recommend you. In fact, we already know many people who are interested.”

Anil Janmohamed & Mary Casati Toronto

Purchase: Grand Portman Pedestal Dining Table

“We were on a mission to find dining room furniture. We googled ‘furniture’ and found a blogger online that mentioned you guys in glowing terms.  Of course, we also made the usual rounds—Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware—but their prices were too high and the quality of the pieces was nothing to brag about.

We finally decided to visit your home showroom.  We liked the styles, colors and prices and knew immediately we’d found what we were after when it comes to stylish, long-lasting solid wood furniture.

We liked that we could customize our table so it would perfectly fit the space we have for it. And being able to enjoy photos as it was built was a real treat, too.

We love everything about our table!  The incredible mahogany grains really set it apart.  And yes, we’ve told friends and family about you, so expect more customers!”

Sarah & Brian Pak Richmond Hill

Purchase: Grand Camden King Bedset

“We found you as the result of a referral from an existing customer of yours. The moment we saw their furniture, we knew we had to visit the same provider—we LOVED it!

Our goal was finding the perfect solid wood bedroom furniture. Although we had checked out Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, and Urban Barn before we saw our friends’ furniture, we were surprised to learn that your prices are so competitive and that our furniture could be customized. And because we were able to get everything made to our unique bedroom space, compromise was never an issue.

When the bed set was delivered all I could say was “wow, this incredible!”  Compared to the particle board furniture out there at most stores, there is just no comparison!

We also loved the personalized service. Interacting with you was lots easier (and more fun!) than dealing with a large, impersonal, big box company.”

Ronni & Dan Mozeg Thornhill

Purchase: Hudson Ridge King Bed Set with 9 Drawer Dresser, Wardrobe, Jewellry Hutch, and a Media Console

“We visited Brick and Leon’s in search of new bedroom furniture but they didn’t have anything we liked enough to put down our hard-earned money so we googled “solid wood furniture” and found you guys. Finding your reviews stellar we made an appointment to come take a look at what you offer.

Christine met us at the door, invited us in, and led the tour through your many wonderful options. Once we settled on the pieces we liked best, we put in an order.

While our furniture was being built, Christine kept us in the loop so we always knew where the craftsmen were in the process. This way we were able to anticipate the delivery date without wondering if we’d be disappointed that our furniture might not arrive when it should.

The furniture looks GREAT!  We’re over the moon.   We will absolutely recommend you to anyone we hear of who is looking for the degree of quality you offer (no MDF or particle board) at surprisingly reasonable prices.

And with regard to the waiting time between placing our order and the delivery: we know furniture manufacturing takes time and that transportation hiccups can happen along the way.  To get the quality products we’re enjoying right now, the wait is well worth it!”

Michael & Melanie Cornacchia‏

Purchase: Hudson Ridge King Bed Set with Tall Boy Dresser

“We looked for a long time at high end and mid-range stores looking for furniture. It took us two to three months to reach an awfully sad conclusion: most of the stuff out there is poor quality and much of it is particle board!

Finally I ran a Google search on “solid wood furniture.” Your website looked good and your testimonials gave us the confidence we needed to book an appointment for an in-person look-see. But having been disillusioned by all the previous dead ends, I was at least half-expecting to be disappointed once again.  (It’s hard to “keep the faith” in the solid furniture space when it’s been dashed time after time.)

One good look at your furniture turned into a double-take. Although the photos on your site looked good, they just don’t compare to what I found when I visited in person.  The details are stunning and touching the wood itself is just wonderful.

To say we love my solid wood furniture may sound like an overstatement, but it’s not. We actually mixed two styles to make our surroundings more interesting and notable. And you customized the dresser to fit the space we have for it exactly.

I have no doubt that when our friends see the new furniture you’ll be getting more orders.”

Adam & Iris Jiang

Purchase: Hudson Ridge King Bed Set

Andrew and Kim Agostini

“We’re newbies in the bedroom furniture-buying market, so we asked several friends for pointers. One couple we know insisted, “You have to see what Anne Quinn has!”  Anne Quinn?  The name was new to us, but they were so enthusiastic that we decided to look you up.

Our main challenge was looking for something high quality that would fit into the available space we had. Solid wood is really important to us, so we prepared ourselves for some serious sticker shock.  It was a happy, happy day when the “sticker shock” we encountered was in the opposite direction of what we’d expected.  “AFFORDABLE solid wood furniture—NO WAY?!”  We looked again. WAY!

Best of all, we loved what we saw! You offer classic, simple designs that will look good for decades no matter how many time styles and décor change.

We absolutely love your furniture. And looking in frequently while it was being built was a major rush.  We knew it would take a while, but when we saw the care and concern your craftsmen poured into it, the time factor fell into perspective. We were in no rush—true artistry takes time.”


Andrew and Kim Agostini

Purchase: Hudson Ridge Canopy Bed Set

“Who would’ve dared believe that an online search for “solid wood furniture” would uncover a gem like you?  We were simply looking for something “halfway decent” that we could afford!  What we found was a treasure with a price tag that made it all seem “too good to be true”—but it IS true!  We’re absolutely thrilled.

Before we connected, I visited forums and read online reviews for various solid wood furniture options. When we came across your site, we were skeptical, because the prices were so good for solid wood, but couldn’t help but be intrigued. The photos LOOKED good, but seeing (in person) is believing. So in we came—and we were blown away.

Your quality, customization flexibility and prices are just amazing.  I can’t tell you how long I’ve dreamed of owning and sleeping in a canopy bed, but the prices have always been a hill too steep to climb.

I forwarded canopy bed designs to you. You said you could do something similar, but how about taking another favorite of mine, the Hudson Ridge bed, and converting  it to a canopy bed with the capability of being able to convert it back to a regular Hudson?  That sealed the deal because I preferred (by a lot!) the Hudson Ridge paneling.

I asked Christine many questions about my new canopy design. She seemed as into my life-long dream of a canopy bed as I was! She answered every question.

I’m sending and anyone else who mentions that they’re looking for great furniture you’re way.”



Stacey & Roberto Espinola

Purchase: Hudson Ridge King Bed Set with Tall Boy Dresser

“After visiting all the big box stores and being horrified by either the prices or the quality, we googled “solid wood furniture” online and your name came up. For us, space was a challenge. Most standard-sized side tables are 24” wide; they wouldn’t work for us.

So when we went shopping online, we were looking specifically for three things: good quality, good value, and customization.  We were beyond delighted to find Anne Quinn because we quickly realized we could have all three without breaking the bank.

At Anne Quinn, the quality is top-notch and customization options are plentiful so we ordered side table that perfectly fit the space we wanted to fill. We didn’t have to compromise at all.

Another enjoyable perk was receiving frequent updates and getting photos that showed our very own furniture coming together.  You don’t get this kind of personalized, “we get that you’re excited” response from the big box stores—that’s for sure!  And the photos and updates made the wait not only survivable, but enjoyable; kind of like peeking surreptitiously into Santa’s workshop while counting the days to delivery! This made the wait 100% worth it.

Needless to say, we’ve already recommended you to about a gazillion people. I can’t ever see us going anywhere else the next time we want or need solid wood furnishings!”

Renee and Jeremy Kerr

Purchase: Hudson Ridge Bed & Kitchen table and chairs

“Sad story with a happy ending!  We’d already bought some solid wood furniture, but what we paid for it was heart-attack worthy.  We wanted more solid wood furniture, and I was given the opportunity to search online for less expensive options.   I did a search for “solid wood furniture” and found you online.  It was our lucky day!

Your furniture is impressive visually and of wonderful quality. Your showroom selection is sufficiently varied and presented us with lots of ideas and placing my order was a breeze.

We also loved working with Christine. She knows her stuff, is personable and patient, and didn’t hover over us or use high-pressure sales tactics.

The furniture we chose is just perfect for our custom-built home. The bedroom furniture is classy and the solid wood table and chairs are a beautiful addition to our kitchen.

If you’re looking for showcase-type solid wood furniture for a really good price you’d pay elsewhere shop at Anne Quinn Furniture. We’re happy to put our name behind their name.”

Paul Spafford & Jean Davidson Vice Chairman at CIBC World Markets

Purchase: Hudson Ridge Bed & Camden dresser

“We looked for a long time at high end and mid-range stores looking for furniture. It took us two to three months to reach an awfully sad conclusion: most of the stuff out there is poor quality and much of it is particle board!


Finally I ran a Google search on “solid wood furniture.” Your website looked good and your testimonials gave us the confidence we needed to book an appointment for an in-person look-see. But having been disillusioned by all the previous dead ends, I was at least half-expecting to be disappointed once again.  (It’s hard to “keep the faith” in the solid furniture space when it’s been dashed time after time.)


One good look at your furniture turned into a double-take. Although the photos on your site looked good, they just don’t compare to what I found when I visited in person.  The details are stunning and touching the wood itself is just wonderful.


To say we love my solid wood furniture may sound like an overstatement, but it’s not. We actually mixed two styles to make our surroundings more interesting and notable. And you customized the dresser to fit the space we have for it exactly.


I have no doubt that when our friends see the new furniture you’ll be getting more orders.”

Adam and Iris Jiang Mississauga , ON

Purchase: Hudson Ridge King Bedset

“We’re new in the bedroom furniture-buying market, so we asked several friends for pointers. One couple we know insisted, “You have to see what Anne Quinn has!”  Anne Quinn?  The name was new to us, but they were so enthusiastic that we decided to look you up.

Our main challenge was looking for something high quality that would fit into the available space we had. Solid wood is really important to us, so we prepared ourselves for some serious sticker shock.  It was a happy, happy day when the “sticker shock” we encountered was in the opposite direction of what we’d expected.  “AFFORDABLE solid wood furniture—NO WAY?!”  We looked again, and it was possible!

Best of all, we loved what we saw! You offer classic, simple designs that will look good for decades no matter how many time styles and décor change.

We absolutely love your furniture.  We knew it would take a while, but when we saw the care and concern your craftsmen poured into it, the time factor fell into perspective.”

Kim and Greg Agostini StateFarm Insurance, Newmarket, ON

Purchase: Dining Room Furniture, Bedroom Furniture

“Over the years we have purchased numerous pieces from Anne Quinn Furniture.

On every occasion we have received outstanding service.  Both of you have always addressed any concern we might have with delivery and shipping.  We are especially happy with our Portman Dining Room set.  The set included a custom made China Cabinet based on a cabinet we saw at a west end furniture retailer.  Your manufacturer was able to replicate the exact style of cabinet that we were looking for, at a price that was considerably less than the advertised retail price.

On one rare occasion, there was minor damage to one of our ordered pieces.

The two of you responded to our concerns immediately and had the problem corrected at once.

We will continue to look at Anne Quinn Furniture for all of our decorating needs.  We have and will continue to recommend your company to both friends and acquaintances.”


Jeff & June Starkey Burlington, Senior Partner, Realty Corporation


“We originally decided to buy a bed from Costco, and while originally it looked amazing, it really didn’t hold up very well. That’s when I decided to go online searching for a new set and came across your website. I decided to go to the home showroom and couldn’t believe the quality! Between the solid wood and the dove tail drawers I couldn’t believe it. I fell in love with the Hudson Ridge design, with the beautiful clean lines, and timeless design that wouldn’t go out of style (like so many of these “new” pieces will). The wait didn’t really bother me all that much as we were waiting for our new home to finish, and by the time the house was ready, our bedroom set was there!

Julie Currie & Shawn Davidson Burlington, ON

Purchase: Bedset, Cambridge Dining set, Desk & Bookcase

“We were searching for solid mahogany furniture online and your website came up. I liked how professional your website was and found the in-home showroom an amazing alternative to the traditional retail room. That’s my favourite type of store; online prices but you still have the ability to see & touch the furniture before you buy. No need to pay the ridiculous mark-up of retail.  We really wanted furniture that was going to last the test of time, and many of the big retail stores were a massive price tag, for nothing close to solid wood. I loved the fact I was able to completely customize the size, color and style of the furniture-and that I was getting solid wood. I didn’t mind the wait at all; when you’re getting good stuff-it’s worth the wait. I consider the wait of a few short months is nothing in comparison to furniture that will last me a lifetime (and maybe my kids too). The finished product was incredible! I am most definitely your biggest promoter and have told a ton of my friends and family about you-I have actually purchased almost all my furniture from you at this point, and absolutely love it!”



Grace Lee & Jason Huang Software developer, Richmondhill, ON

Purchase: Hudson Ridge King Bedset

“We had been looking for new furniture for a couple of years, without much success. We originally were looking at a set of Mennonite furniture, as we wanted hand-crafted solid wood furniture – we were shocked to find out it was over $7k for the entire set. That’s when we went online and found you—we loved the Hudson Ridge set; the style, the dark wood, the incredible Mahogany grains—they were incredible. The price was fantastic and the wait didn’t bother us. The way we saw it, we had our existing furniture for 20 years already, what was another 2 months while we waited. The wait gave us time to get rid of our old furniture, and get the room ready exactly the way we wanted. The finished product was gorgeous and it’s absolutely incredible! We’ve recommended you to absolutely everyone!”

Mark & Samantha Cianfarani Property Manager, Brampton, ON

Purchase: Sleigh Bedroom Set

“I had Googled ‘solid wood furniture’ when I was looking for a bedroom furniture set and came across your website.  I decided to come out for a visit and I have to say, I liked what I saw on display. I love that the pieces were finished completely, even on the backs of all the pieces. There were no staples, no plywood, no veneers or any cheap pieces. Christine was incredibly helpful and helped me choose the perfect set for my home. She kept me up-to-date on everything. In fact, I loved the fact that after comparing the pieces to other places, they were actually cheaper! I was able to find exactly what I wanted online, and didn’t have to drag myself around from store to store in hopes of finding something I liked. I love my solid wood bedroom furniture set! It’s gorgeous and looks incredible in my room! I’ve already recommended you to so many people and will definitely continue to do so in the future.”

Maria Bazkur National Technical Service Delivery at Rogers Communications

Purchase: Farmington Canopy Bed


“A neighbour of ours had the Pottery Barn Farmhouse Canopy Bed, and we loved it, but when we went to Pottery Barn to get a quote, we found out that was quite expensive and even more if you included the delivery charges to Canada. That’s when we decided to search out bedrooms sets online—and we found Anne-Quinn.  Pottery Barn was charging $2,200 for the bed not including delivery, and the same bed could be made with Anne-Quinn for $1,550, a $650 savings alone!  If you add on nightstands and a dresser, we would save over $1000!  We decided to book an appointment to go out and see the pieces first hand and we were glad we did.The quality was excellent (even better than Pottery Barn), and the customization options were incredible. If had ordered the set from Pottery Barn, we could have only fit one nightstand, as we didn’t have the space for two in our bedroom. With Anne-Quinn, we were able to create two nightstands that fit perfectly into our space. We already had a bed, so the wait was not an issue at all.  They only asked for a small deposit, so reserving the pieces we wanted was easy, and the wait also gave us the opportunity to save up for the remaining balance. For the savings, flexibility and quality, we definitely recommend Anne-Quinn furniture to anyone.”

Racquel & Matthew McGavock Stouffville, ON

Purchase: Hudson Bedset & Cambridge Sideboard

“We had already purchased a stunning solid wood king bed set from you guys and absolutely love it. The look, the stain and the design were absolutely breathtaking. That’s why when we were looking for a sideboard (or I guess any other furniture for that matter) it was an absolute no brainer to find our next glorious piece through you guys. We decided on the Cambridge sideboard to match into our dining room, and fell in love as soon as it was delivered.

The first thing we noticed was the solid wood, with the deep grains and stunning detailing throughout. I know many other places offer “solid wood” that ends up being veneer, so it was nice to find something that was actually REAL wood. We’ve recommended you guys to all our friends, and once they’ve seen the stunning beauty, they fall in love too! Expect your phone to start ringing, because we have a ton of friends!! Great job, great quality and fabulous prices—does it get any better?”

Rebecca & Mark Meyer Aurora, Ontario

Purchase: Camden bedset

“We bought your Camden bed set after two to three years of looking, mostly online, and finding nothing we liked. All it took was walking into your home showroom. That was it for us! Why even bother looking more when you have superior quality at what seem to be more than fair prices (since your competition mostly sells particle board and you sell solid wood furniture)?

Christine and I worked up a custom design, combining the Hudson trim with the Camden feet to develop something utterly unique. Then we customized the bed and night stands to fit the available space in our bedroom.

What I loved best about my experience with you was that we got exactly what we wanted—something that is solid wood and is uniquely “ours” without paying exorbitant prices to make it happen.

I absolutely recommend you to everyone I hear talking about buying furniture. Please count me among your many, many satisfied customers.”

Brenda Dunning Mississauga

Purchase: Grand Portman Table, Buffet & Chairs

“We shopped around quite a bit, just to get a handle on prices, quality and different styles of dining room and hutch options. I came across your website, which was great because I was able to see everything that I was looking for, talk it over with my wife and eventually we went to visit the showroom.

The funny thing is, we didn’t realize at the time—but we were actually going to visit a home, a unique way to escape the hard sell tactics often found in retail showrooms. Christine was really pleasant to deal with.  Not only was it solid wood, but it was put together so well.  Even the backs were fully finished.  Where do you see that anymore?  Since I have an interest in woodworking you can spot quality when you see it. In our discussion, it was pointed out that there are various pieces of hardware that are purchased from the Lee Valley store that are used in the assembly of some of their furniture. For those familiar with Lee Valley will appreciate the quality of their merchandise, so to see it used spoke of the quality of the product. That kind of quality is rare today.

We found the items were very well priced & selected a fabric I likely for my chairs.  Christine sent me pictures along the way.  The furniture turned out fantastic.  I’ve already ordered more, and I am getting matching bookcases on the next container.  Thank you!”


Whidy and Chris Kiskunas Mississauga , ON

Purchase: Hudson Ridge Bedset and buffet

“We found Anne-Quinn furniture online, and decided that we wanted to see everything they had to offer in person, so we went to visit them in their home showroom.

The first thing we noticed was how knowledgeable and trustworthy they were. We originally had visited the Pottery Barn, but we found that their prices were not only more expensive, but they were also inferior quality in terms of the product. The finished look of Anne-Quinn Furniture was not only nicer, but it was actually solid wood, which was important to us.

After talking with them, we were able to customize the height of our headboard to fit the room, which was vital—standard headboards just wouldn’t fit the space. I think the biggest difference was honestly, the fact that they don’t hide anything—Christine was upfront and honest about what to expect and what you’re getting for your money. The wait wasn’t a big deal to me, mainly because I believe that it’s better to wait for something you truly love, than settle for anything less. I’ve already recommended them to all my friends, and I can’t wait to buy some other pieces from them in the future!”


Laura & Michael Blaney Laura & Michael Blaney, Jayme Van Geest Photography

Purchase: Grand Camden Bedset

“I actually came across your company quite by accident, when I was looking for solid wood furniture stores, and was instantly drawn to your quality products. After we visited your showroom, we were blown away by the amazing prices and fabulous pieces! I had a nook in my room, and finding a dresser to fit was almost impossible, everything was always too wide; that’s when I found out you guys will actually custom fit pieces for my room—without charging us ridiculous fees—It was actually FREE!

When I first received the piece, the first thing I noticed was the weight of the Mahogany. It’s a good solid wood, and you can definitely feel the quality. I know from experience that Restoration Hardware can take 3 months or longer in some cases, so waiting for their furniture was no problem.

The whole experience, from the progress reports and photos throughout the building process was incredible!  If you’re looking for a top quality furniture place, you’ve found it!!”

Yunmei Xu

Purchase: Town Dining Table and Buffet

“After googling 8-foot tables, I discovered Anne Quinn Furniture’s website. I was impressed with the overall look, and I loved looking at the pictures of their furniture. I decided to make an appointment to  see if the quality and finish was the same in person—and was in for a pleasant surprise.

I was looking for something a little different than the models they had on the website, and that’s when Christine showed me a new design for a table she had just created.  It was exactly the type of table I was after, and I decided to place my order. I wasn’t worried at all about the ordering process, as they really didn’t ask for a lot in terms of the deposit.  I was also quite impressed at how comfortable she made me feel (opening up her home and inviting you in).

Throughout the entire process Christine must have sent through 12 different emails with photos and status updates along the way—and she did an incredible job of keeping me informed and up to date! When the table arrived it was like Christmas.  I was so excited.  The table looks stunning in my dining room.

I can definitely say they don’t charge enough for what they offer, as the product is absolutely gorgeous! I’ve referred a friend already, and I will refer many, many more! Great job!”


Shannon Cleary RBC, Senior Manager Commercial Financial Services,


With my parent’s generation you were forced to buy whatever furniture was out there. You spent countless days and hours going from store to store to hopefully find something that you liked and that sort of fit your space. Anne-Quinn furniture changes all that. I searched their site and the internet for a style that I liked, provided a link and dimensions that I wanted. I then met with Christine (who I instantly felt comfortable with) to see the quality first hand & pick my stain choice. The furniture was ordered, and as the furniture was built pictures were sent to me. In the end, I received amazing furniture at a great price. If you’re thinking of buying furniture, you need to visit Anne-Quinn furniture.

Parv & Liana Sangha Toronto

Purchase: Kitchen table & sideboard

“Anne-Quinn’s quality, style and ability to customize pieces are way above anything that I’ve seen out there. I recommend that you shop around first and then visit them. Once you’ve done the comparison you’ll quickly realize that she’s the best!”

Mark & Andrea Sauve, Whitby Whitby

Purchase: Dining Table & Sideboard

“We purchased a dining room set and custom coffee table from Anne-Quinn furniture. Their handcrafted solid wood furniture, was built to our specifications and looks beautiful in our new home. Their knowledge, patience and excellent overall service made this purchase virtually stress free and they have proven to stand by their products with superior after sale service. I have no hesitation in recommending Anne-Quinn furniture to my friends and family.”

Adrian and Chris King City King City

Purchase: Hudson Ridge Bedset

“We have been following Anne Quinn Furniture for years, because we knew when we were ready to purchase our bedroom set, what they offered was an amazing quality product at a great price. The customer service and attention to detail from ordering to delivery was fantastic! We love the solid mahogany wood, and the clean and timeless design of the Hudson Ridge collection. We look forward to ordering some more pieces in the future. Thanks Anne Quinn furniture”

Salma and Najeeb Toronto Toronto

Purchase: Bedset & sideboard

“This is our second purchase from Anne Quinn Furniture and we cannot say enough good things about the style, quality and value of the furniture and the great service. We have shopped around a lot for high quality pieces and we couldn’t find anything close to what we’ve purchased in terms of quality and price. Our first purchase, a Sideboard for our dining room, and now the Camden Queen bed and the 9 drawer dresser. All pieces have furnished our home beautifully. The service is also fantastic. We are so happy to have found Anne Quinn Furniture and have happily recommended them to our friends. Thank you, Anne Quinn Furniture, for providing us timeless pieces that will be part of our home for a lifetime.”

Tan & Pauline Lee Stouffville

Purchase: bed, table, wall unit

“I’ve purchased a number of items from Anne-Quinn furniture over the past two years. The workmanship is superb. Every inch of the unit is so smooth and expertly finished. Peter and I just can’t believe it. We keep looking at it and touching it because it’s so beautiful. The wood grain is gorgeous and it’s really accentuated by the dark stain. Even the rope braiding is exquisitely crafted. I’m a true believer!”

Sunny & Peter Montgomery Peterborough

Purchase: Hudson Ridge Bedset

“We searched for furniture for a long time then I came across Anne-Quinn’s website. To be honest, at first, I was a little skeptical because a “home showroom” is not the traditional way to buy furniture. But then I thought ‘what the heck do I have to lose’, and decided to visit them. As soon as I met Christine and saw the furniture, I knew this was going to be the last place I had to look. My wife and I fell in love with the Hudson Ridge bedroom collection and how the mahogany grains just looked incredible. Before we visited we were worried about the red undertone of Mahogany wood, but after seeing the darkest stain they offer, coffee brown, which is a nice deep rich brown, we were sold. Christine also helped us create a custom dresser to fit a small nook in our room perfectly. I had to get my head around the wait time, but when I thought about it we already waited for 10 years, so what’s another 2-3 months to get exactly what we wanted. Her communication was fantastic and we saw pictures along the way. For solid wood you should expect to pay double what we paid. On top of that the quality, customization, and customer service are what you would expect from a high end store. If you are thinking of buying furniture, make sure to put Anne-Quinn on your list. You’ve got nothing to lose, and EVERYTHING to gain.”

Les & Gloria Nemeth Unionville

Purchase: Dining table and Grand Camden bedset

“I originally purchased my solid wood custom dining set from Anne Quinn furniture over 5 years ago. When it came to purchasing my bedroom set, I knew that was no other place I wanted to go. I love that it is solid wood, with great style, and well built. They stand by their products, and offer excellent custom service. If you’re considering buying furniture do yourself a favour and put Anne Quinn #1 on your list.”

Shaughn McCluskey Oakville, Director, RBC Insurance

Purchase: Wall unit

“We are thrilled with our dining room wall unit. It is absolutely perfect for our room – a custom fit and just what we envisioned…actually, better! From the first time that we visited your showroom to the minute it was set up in our room, the service that we experienced from Anne Quinn was top notch. You were very professional, provided helpful advice with no run-around. We really appreciate it. Without hesitation we will recommend Anne Quinn to our family and friends.”

Cheryl & Rob McKeon Toronto