Solid Wood Dining Chairs | Toronto

The dining room is a place where friends gather and family’s tell stories of yesterday—it’s a place of comfort, laughter and memories—so why not enjoy it fully with our solid wood dining chairs? The intricate details, sturdy creation and elegant craftsmanship help create the masterpiece you had in mind—with a budget you can live with.

Made from solid mahogany, these are not your typical department store chairs. They are built to last the test of time, and are made from only the highest quality wood—solid mahogany. Whether you’re looking for stylish flared legs, full spring systems or comfortable curved backs, we have the chair that’s perfect for you.

Once you’ve decided on the chair design, completely customize them further with 50 different fabric options, including water resistant micro-suede.   We also offer bar, counter stools and customized benches to fit the space you’re space, budget and vision perfectly.

Starting at only $225 a chair, you can have the room of your dreams fit for memories past, and many memories to come.


Tempo Dining Chairs $325 - 395